It “overhauls many of the games systems and introduces a number of enhancements

Dark Energy calls the update, due on December 21, Hydrophobia Pure. It “overhauls many of the games systems and introduces a number of enhancements, according to the feedback we received from critics and the community.” It also comes with replica Tissot T22168641 Men's Watch a new price for Hydrophobia, 800 Microsoft Points. Current owners of Hydrophobia receive the hefty update for free.For the very long list of changes from a committed, perhaps humbled developer, read on and see them in action in the Hydrophobia Pure trailer above.

Cole MacGrath is a comic book hero, and soon he'll have his comic book. Six comic books, to be exact, written by William Harms with interior art by Eric Nguyen, an artist that has worked on various Marvel and DC projects over the years.The six-issue series will follow Cole's move from Empire City to the Southern town of New Marais, introducing a new threat to all of mankind. It sounds like serious business, and judging from Mahnke's replica Tissot T22158931 Men's Watch cover art, Cole isn't in a particularly friendly mood.Sucker Punch Productions and DC Comics Announce the Illustrated inFAMOUS Comic Series [PlayStation Blog]”Steam is ringing in the season with ridiculous savings on some of the best games available for the PC and Mac, with weekly and daily specials from now through January 2.

Now how much would you pay?I don't feel I'm exaggerating in the least when I call the sale prices Steam is putting on PC and MAC games and publisher bundles ridiculous. They've got the newly-released Oddworld Oddbox at 50 percent off, for example. That's Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee, Abe's Exoddus, Munch's Oddysee, and Stranger's Wrath for $12.49. Ridiculous, right?Along with normal sales, Steam will also feature a Holiday Bonus Sale each day, which will require users to qualify for additional savings. For replica Tissot T22158951 Men's Watch instance, players that own Team Fortress 2 will gain an extra 10 percent off on Portal today.Here's a list of the titles kicking off the first round of saving:F1 2010 50%Battlefield Bad Company 2 66%Fallout 3 (Game of the Year) 33%The Deus Ex Collection 85%LEGO Batman 75%Peggle & Peggle Nights 60%Prince of Persia (Franchise) 75%Portal 75%F.E.A.R. (Franchise) 75%Titan Quest Gold 75%Super Meat Boy 75%Why are you still here? You should be shopping.

I took out my laptop and played some Fallout

I did what anyone would do.I took out my laptop and played some Fallout 3. Things went alright. I could have done better sober, but I didn't die. I did a lot of wandering, got a little bit actually accomplished, and went to bed content.A few days later, when I played again, someone was missing.”Dogmeat?! Dogmeat!” Surely he couldn't just disappear. He must be stuck running into a building or something.Damn you, ty replica Tissot T22.1.581.31 watch pathfindingb the area. Search every crevice.”DOGMEAT WHERE ARE YOU?”And suddenly it dawns upon me. Dogmeat isn't here. Not only did I fail to protect him, but I forever recorded that failure onto my Quicksave slot, made the process irreversible.

In my drunken stupor, I changed a temporary inconvenience into an eternal tragedy. Dogmeat would never be back. Never again would I hear his joyful bark. And I was alone. Terribly, tragically alone.So let this be a lesson to all of you. I have promised to never drink and game again - not in an open-world game with permanent replica Tissot T22.1.581.51 watch death. Your companions are simply too valuable.About Speak-Up on Kotaku: Our readers have a lot to say, and sometimes what they have to say has nothing to do with the stories we run. That's why we have that little box on the front page of Kotaku. You know, the one with “Got something to say?” written in it? That's the place to post anecdotes, photos, game tips and hints, and anything you want to share with Kotaku at large.

Just make sure to include speakup in your comment so we can find it. Every weekday we'll pull one of the best speakup posts we can find and highlight it here."Bulletstorm developers People Can Fly get into the Christmas spirit with a lovingly decorated tree adorned with Bouncers and dead bodies, while delivering the occasional gruff and replica Tissot T22168651 Men's Watch snappy retort. An unhappy holiday for the cannon fodder of Epic's next game."Xbox Live Arcade game Hydrophobia released this summer to mixed, sometimes harsh reviews. The developer, Dark Energy Digital, has taken those criticisms to heart and will release a massive update to the game that will dramatically change how it plays.

Once you can change into slippery ice or gain the ability to attack enemies as a lightning

Once you can change into slippery ice or gain the ability to attack enemies as a lightning cloud — or earn a bunch of other abilities — you have to think a lot about which moves to use. I liked the tactical variety.And there's a stealth action sequence, right? How did you guess? Yes there is a stealth action sequence. And a fire-engine sequence, a basketball level, a pinball challenge and a lot of other unexpected permutations of replica Tissot T22228131 WoMen's watch what I thought was going to be just a hydro action side-scroller. The surprises in level design are excellent.Seriously, stealth action in Fluidity. It's like Splinter Cell in this one level, if Sam Fisher had a puddle as a sidekick.

I'll prove it to you right here.But the game became too hard? It did. The game is tough throughout, but near the end it broke me. I've never understood why many game developers make the ends of their games so hard. I prefer grand finales to frustrating ones, and I don't mind if a game's ending is as unchallenging but spectacular. See: Super replica Tissot T22.1.161.81 WoMen's watch Metroid or Gears of War 2. I do mind when a game, like Super Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door or Fluidity here, is so tough that I eventually give up on finishing it. The problem wasn't just that a few of the jumps required in the game's final goop-clearing boss stage are tough.

The problem is that, after each failed attempt, the developers inexplicably force you to replay more than five minutes of complex gameplay before you try it again. And when you lose your four or so lives, you get to re-play at least 20 minutes replica Tissot T22.1.486.21 WoMen's watch of gameplay to try again. Infuriating.That end-game difficulty didn't ruin the rest of the game, though? No. Fluidity is structured like Super Mario 64. You travel its levels looking for hidden collectibles that unlock new levels. Getting a rainbow drop in Fluidity is like getting a star in Mario 64.

While The Wrap writes it has confirmation from an unnamed EA individual

While The Wrap writes it has confirmation from an unnamed EA individual, EA Sports reps tell Kotaku “We do not comment on speculation or rumors.”I guess we should start sorting out who should play John Madden in the movie. I'm thinking Joe Don Baker. You?Exclusive: Electronic Arts Planning 'Madden Curse: The Movie' [The Wrap]”If a video game kept seeming better and more delightful the more you played it but then it's final replica Tissot Sapphire Glass Men's Watch chapter was virtual water torture, could you say you liked the game? Damn the ending. Fluidity is a nutty winner.Fluidity is a downloadable Wii game whose creators bravely thought you might have fun controlling a sloshing pool of water in levels set in the pages of what looks like a science textbook.

These bold game makers figured you'd also be thrilled to upgrade that awesome pool of water into... form of an ice cube! And then! Become a cloud! Curve Studios' creation is essentially a series of sidescrolling platforming challenges designed with the properties of H2O in mind, built on a structure that resembles the one in Super Mario replica Tissot T008.414.16.201.00 Men's Watch 64. And the game is hard.Ideal PlayerPatient fans of Super Meat Boy and other tough modern side-scrollers. Fans of Sony's LocoRoco or the iPhone's Rolando who want to see the Wii's tilt-based riff on the same blob-rolling and blob-bouncing. Also: fans of water and fans of excellent art design.Why You Should CareIt's a downloadable game that's worth your time on the Wii.

There haven't been a ton of those this year. Oh, and Nintendo officially classifies the game as “hydro action,” which is the kind of absurd genre labeling that makes me care.You control water? That's fun? Yeah. Holding the Wii Remote at its short ends, you tilt left or right to tilt the book — the Aquaticus — whose pages have been infected replica Tissot T22.5.581.41 Men's Watches by dark goop. You hoist the Remote to make the water jump. The levels are full of jumps, lava, poison clouds and other hazards that might cut your pool in half and put you close to life-losing dissipation. Essentially, you're running and jumping but in another form. Thanks to smart level design, the “running” and “jumping” is fun.


positive cartier Ballon Bleu watches reinforcement means your voice goes up an octave

IF YOU TALK TO SOMEONE whos trying to train a dog, it wont take long for the phrase positive reinforcement to come up. Its part of the overall pack leadership philosophy of training in which we try to reinforce good habits. But unfortunately, I think its misunderstood. The sense I get from friends and strangers, is that positive cartier Ballon Bleu watches reinforcement means your voice goes up an octave or two and you say Good dog, until the dog is just as happy and wiggly as you are. The problem here is more serious than the dog getting wound up and having some fun. When your friends wind up your dog, theyve essentially stolen your carrot, leaving you with only the stick. This summer, a friend who was winding up Danger, petting him and saying, Whos a good dog?

Dean KarnazesThe ultramarathon man posts everything from updates on his running, to deep thoughts on culture and society—as they relate to running. The economy is in the dumps. The sky is falling. Nothing seems to be working. What to do? When all replica Oris watches else fails, start running! Hes new to Twitter, but if he attacks it with the passion he puts into his running, get ready for a blizzard of posts. 341 Followers6. Tim ZimmermannOur writer with the greatest presence on Twitter.

At 25, Ted Ligety already has Olympic gold under his belt: He was the 2006 winner in the Alpine combined. His other major victories include the 2007-08 World Cup season title in giant slalom and a bronze medal in the GS at the 2009 World Championships (the only medal the U.S. men bagged then). Now, hes concentrating on Vancouver. Ligety took Rado replica watches time out from the run-up to chat with Outside Online. --Aileen Torres What are your best exercises to build and maintain fitness?In skiing, having strong legs is important, so squats are great. Core isalso key, so sit-ups with a Russian twist. Back extensions, ham curlsto help prevent knee injuries. Also, getting outside to hike or bike isa great way to maintain fitness levels.